Trump – The Existential Threat

Deconstructing the Deep State – Leading America’s Second Revolution

John Michael Chambers – Speaker for Your Group

John Michael Chambers delivers a timely, riveting and powerful speech; awakening, inspiring and motivating positive action across America. Relevant, insightful and empowering information providing pertinent timely tools and resources to be a supportive troop for Trump. The world is undergoing a major transition in this great awakening. The hand print of God is evident. Trump represents a true existential threat. The Deep State is now on the run.


. Relevant, insightful, empowering information providing pertinent timely tolls and resources to be a supportive troop for Trump.

. Consequences of the Coming Elections

. Polling Technology to Empower the President By-Passing Media Censorship

. Deconstructing the Deep State



. Detecting Truth from Lies in the Age of Fake News

. Breaking Free from the Matrix

. Understanding Trump’s Economic Capitalism

. Scale of Discovery and Action

. Activist’s Guide Blueprint to Supporting the MAGA Agenda

What Others Are Saying

“If you want to be informed at a level that you thought was only available to Washington insiders, then I suggest you get on board with John Michael Chambers, whom I highly recommend. We recently had John address Tea Party Manatee and before he left, booked him for another engagement. John is not only a patriot but a statesman. His conservative, no-nonsense teaching style will help anyone to better articulate the conservative defense for the most current issues of the day, while equipping you or your group for the offense that lies ahead. John’s organization also provides you with numerous resources.” – Jack May, Tea Party Manatee, Bradenton, Florida

Note: All in attendance receive valuable digital e-books and reports. Signed copies of John’s book “Trump and the Resurrection of America” will be offered at a discount from the suggested retail price.