April 28, 2018

April 2018: John Michael Chambers is interviewed by the “Mayor of the Airwaves”, on Rhett Palmer’s Florida Show FM 107.9 AM 1370.

With the recent upset of the century, the shadow government of this world has experienced its first real setback with the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. The globalists now tremble as Trump and this movement threatens their totalitarianism world government.  Although optimism has returned, the battle now begins as President Donald J. Trump leads America’s second revolution.


March 27, 2018

American Freedom Watch Radio with Karen Schoen

John Michael Chambers: Author, Public Speaker, Wealth Coach and Founder of the Save America Foundation. John’s 20+ years of published accurate forecasts and predictions plus where we are heading in 2018 and beyond. John enters at 37:00

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October 21, 2017

John Michael Chambers – Truth Conference, Sarasota, Florida. Click here to watch the video.

John Michael Chambers delivers a well rounded speech on the subject of Globalism.

0:00 – 3:15:                 Truth Conference – Sarasota Florida 2017

6:52 – 7:01:                 The Messenger

7:18 – 7:52:                 Defining Times

8:22 – 9:08:                 Working with Truth

9:22 – 9:49:                 Upside Down World

9:50 – 11:18:               Trump and the Resurrection of America

11:28 – 12:26:             Globalism

14:25 – 14:50:             New World Order

16:43 – 18:45:             Psychopaths and Sociopaths

19:56 – 21:12:             Shadow Government and the Deep State

21:13 – 21:43:             Post Constitutional Government

21:44 – 21:60:             Tyranny of Secrecy

22:57 – 23:24:             The Formula

24:13 – 24:40:             Constitutional Violations

24:50 – 26:24:             Cloak of Secrecy

27:52 – 28:29:             Clinton Clan

28:52 – 29:24:             Maxine Waters

32:30 – 33:05:             10,000 Secret Organizations

33:17 – 34:20:             McCain’s Wars

34:27 – 24:42:             Recourse

34:44 – 35:24:             UN Agenda 2030

36:08 – 37:19:             Rigged Elections

40:15 – 40:31:             GEMS

40:35 – 40:52:             Hillary’s Election Theft

40:55 – 42:19:             Artificial Intelligence

44:57 – 45:36:             Enemies of Trump

47:12 – 47:35:             JFK

48:00 – 49:32:             Action Changes Things

49:33 – 49:56:             Pedophilia

50:30 – 51:17:             God and Trump

55:01 – 57:32:             Hegelian Dialectic

57:41 – 58:24:             False Flag Terrorism

59:06: 59:26:               Tools for Activists

59:28 – 1:00:15:          Soros and Brock

1:00:14 – 1:00:48:       Mainstream Media

1:00:56 – 1:01:49:       God on Our Side

1:01:55 – 1:05:00:       Trump’s Economic Capitalism

1:05:29 – 1:06:53:       Weak Dollar Policy

1:06:53 – 1:09:09:       Economist Dr. Kirk Elliott

1:09:12 –  1:10:01        Closing Comments

October 17, 2017

John Michael Chambers – In the News

Dr. Rich Swier, Ed.D., LTC, US Army (Ret). authors an article based on the contents of John’s book. The article is titled “How Donald J. Trump became the leader of ‘America’s Second Revolution”. Read and share by clicking here.

October 10, 2017

John Michael Chambers – In the News

Suzanne Shattuck interviews John Michael Chambers along with an announcement for all Floridians to attend the Truth Conference with Suzanne Shattuck, Tom Trento and John Michael Chambers. John and Suzzane discuss “Fake News” – “Trump and the Resurrection of America” – “Great Awakening” and more. (interview begins at 19:43 – click here)

September 12, 2017

John Michael Chambers – In the News

John is introduced at marker 5:57 with host Michael Shinabery in New Mexico. Listen in on an engaging in depth discussion of the state of affairs around the world as President Trump leads America’s second revolution.

September 5, 2017

John Michael Chambers – In the news

Harvey Twite KEDU Radio – New Mexico interviews John and discusses the deep state, the economy, President Trumps election fraud commission and how to detect truth from lies in the age of fake news. Listen here.

August 23, 2017

John Michael Chambers – In the News 

Interview with Author of Trump and the Resurrection of America. John visits Michigan on his book signing speaking tour and stops in at WBCK 95.3 live on the air with Renk for an engaging discussion on Trump and the state of affairs in America today. Listen here.

August 21, 2017

John Michael Chambers – In the News
Marker 59:40

Ann Vandersteel of “YourVoice America” interviews John discussing various critical topics from his new book “Trump and the Resurrection of America”. Globalization-Save America Foundation-Deep State Undermines Trump-Media -Direct link to President Trump-Congress to censor Trump-False Flags Terrorism-Where the Trump agenda is heading. Watch this interview here.

July 18, 2017

John Michael Chambers – In the News

The “Captains America Third Watch” interviews John Michael Chambers for an engaging discussion concerning the critical issues of the day. Tune in at marker 3:22:00 for a brief but enlightening interview.

May 26, 2017

John Michael Chambers – In the News

Listen closely as Kevin O’Neill  founder of  Turn2Liberty,  Tampa Bay Chapter  speaks candidly with John Michael Chambers on the key liberty issues of our day.  John addresses the necessity of awareness and understanding of the Deep State’s agenda to take down President Trump – but it doesn’t stop there!  John offers tools that everyone can use to contribute to restoring and maintaining liberty.

May 25, 2017

John Michael Chambers – In the News

Mark Goodwin is a Christian author and host of the popular Prepper Recon Podcast which interviews patriots, preppers and economists to help people prepare for the uncertain times ahead. On May 25th, Mark interviewed John Michael Chambers author and public speaker while John was on a 60 day public speaking tour throughout the beautiful state of Florida.

Please listen closely as John delivers two powerful interviews on the riveting topic of Global Governance and how this may be our last and only chance to defeat it.